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How to apply your nail polish wraps

1. Clean Your Nails

Clean your nails thoroughly to remove any natural oils. This will ensure the nail varnish sticks to your nail properly.

If you use nail polish remover, make sure to clean your nails thoroughly afterwards as any residue could cause the wraps to curl as they're made from 100% nail polish. Preferably you could clean the nails with an alcohol wipe - and leave to completely dry. You could also use a base coat to further prepare your nails for the wraps.

Clean your nails

2. Choose and Stick

Each pack contains 18 double-ended strips for up to 2 full manicures.

Choose an appropriately sized wrap, peel and apply to your nail, gently stretching to fit. Trim the excess with a pair of scissors.

Choose and stick

3. File and Finish

Use the crystal glass nail file to gently remove the excess wrap from the tip of your nail.

4. Seal and Protect

Optionally, seal the nail with a thin top coat of your choice. This will help to keep your nails perfect for up to 14 days!

Seal and protect

Removing your wraps

Since the wraps are 100% nail polish, all you need to do is rub gently with your usual nail polish remover. Easy!