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How to apply semi cured gel nail wraps

The newest entry on the home manicure scene, Semi Cured Gel Wraps are the highest quality wraps we offer. Made from gel and cured with a UV lamp.

These should last up to 3 weeks if correctly applied and depending on how careful you are with your nails.

  1. Make sure your nails and nail bed are totally clean from any cuticle residue or oil before applying your wraps.
  2. To get a better fit you can cut your wraps or gently stretch the wraps with your fingers before applying them.
  3. Warming them slightly with a hairdryer can help to make the adhesive stickier, especially if it’s cold.
  4. Make sure the wraps are placed close to your cuticle and not on or touching it.
  5. Avoid contact with water during the first 2 hours of curing your gel wraps
  6. Store the gel nail strips in the original box and packaging and make sure to keep them out of sunlight as this can cause them to cure over time.
  7. Keep away from direct sunlight
  8. You can apply a UV top coat for an extra shine or make them a matte finish. When using top coats apply and cure in layers, so cure your wraps first, then apply and cure the top coat.
  9. To protect your nails when they are done I recommend to wear gloves for washing up
  10. Not all UV lamps are the same - depending on your UV lamp you might have to cure for longer to get the maximum hardness. Our 12w lamps cure in 60 seconds, but you can repeat that twice more to make absolutely sure they’re completely hard. If using your own lamp, which may be less powerful than the one we supply, it's worth curing for 120-180 seconds.
  11. To remove them you can either use our quick and easy gel remover, or (though it takes longer) a cuticle stick and acetone to gently lift and peel the wrap off.
  12. Please note: they're not designed to be used as extensions, so they won't last as long if you make them larger than your natural nails. I do sometimes use them this way, but you absolutely have to use an UV top coat, they can only be a little bit longer than your nails, and I do this knowing that they'll probably need replacing in a few days.